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Detect the symptoms before it is too late

There are times when parents are unaware of their child’s development which is understandable if they do not come from a medical background. When it comes to early diagnosis of any odd development of a newborn it is imperative to visit the best pediatrician in Barsha. An individual should not delay his or her sports injury and must visit a well reputed hospital that has the best orthopedic doctor in Sharjah.

The job of a pediatrician: Ideally every hospital or clinical setting that facilitates child birth should have presence of a pediatrician as well who can assess the neonate immediate after birth.  Taking a newborn to a pediatrician should be mandatory on part of parents in order to provide  them with routine vaccinations and checkups.

When to visit the pediatrician: A great example is that of hearing impairment not being detected at the earliest stages of a newborn’s development since it is an invisible disability and can easily go undetected.  By the time it is realized that the  newborn could be fully or partially impaired it would be too late. It is truly important the moment parents feel that their child is not responding, this calls for an immediate visit to the pediatrician.

Tests and examinations: It is widely accepted that the standard procedure is to detect any sort of deficiencies in the development of the child. In the case of a hearing impaired patient the pediatrician would conduct series of screenings on the child to find out the causes behind the child being hearing impaired. Once the doctor concludes that the patient has been diagnosed for profound hearing loss, from then the pediatrician refers the patient to a reliable audiologist whose job is to find out the severity of the impairment.

Role of a orthopedic doctor: It is understandable that as individuals  age their hips  give in which is a strong indicator to get their hips replaced and for that one needs to visit an orthopedic doctor. The doctor would take a couple of tests and examinations to come to a conclusion.

Handling sports injuries: There have been cases of players  particularly in tennis having their hips replaced. Hip injuries occur when a player use their hips excessively to perform. If the orthopedic doctor concludes that the injury does not seem to be severe then the player would be referred to a physiotherapist. If rehab fails then surgery would be on cards.