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Some important things to know about the EB-5 visa

EB-5 visa is known as the green card of the US and people will get this to have their entry in US permanently and enjoy all the rights there without any restrictions. There is several US immigration consultants in Dubai to help you reach at your destination all you need to go to the right person and get your work done. When you are going to apply for the EB-5 Dubai then you need to fulfill the following requirements otherwise your application will be rejected:

Investment amount: You need to have the specific investment amount which varies after every five years. In 2019 they mentioned the amount of $9 lakh and this is for the visa of targeted employment areas if a person needs to have the visa for non-targeted employment area then he has to deposit $1.8 million. If you want to get thins visa then you have to first gather this amount because otherwise you will not get the permit to go and stay there and you cannot even work there without the fear of being caught.

Fund source: You need to provide the source of your funds that from where you get this amount and how you earn that. If you are taking it as a loan then you need to show how you will return that and in how much time you need to return it? If you are taking it on usury then you need to show the conditions of it in your application clearly. You need to be very specific and careful while filling your form because in case of any fraudulent entry you may face serious consequences. 

If you are showing that you own this amount then you have to show the source like your job details or details of your business. Be clear in filling all of your documents. If you got that amount or a part of it through a gift then you should tell about the details of that person who send you this gift, your relation with that person, reason of gifting you and also the earning details of that person to know from where he got that money. If the money or income source is inherited then you should provide proper evidence about it. If you lack any of the necessary documents then you need a declaration of explanation.