Seaside Coffee Roasters General Ideas for innovative coffee shops

Ideas for innovative coffee shops

Nowadays people attract customers by adopting creative ideas. If you are starting up a coffee shop or a cafe then you should come up with a creative idea that could make your business stand out from competitors. Here is the list of idea that can make your coffee shop more innovative and appealing:

  • Opening up a pottery Cafe is a unique and attractive idea. A pottery Cafe offers one day of painting and rest of the days of the week are spent as a regular coffee shop. On the pottery day, customers are allowed to buy a piece of pottery or ceramic after having their coffees. Visit website to learn about the best coffee shops in UAE. Customer can paint their pieces and show their creativity to each other. That’s how you can make your coffee shop a centre of attention and also a place for networking too.
  • You can also make your coffee shop an art gallery. You could hang frames paintings sketches or place sculptures and other art pieces. It could become a place where intellectual and artists could meet up and have a coffee along with their discussions. Different artists could have their artwork exhibited in your coffee shop on the day you decide. Different people that admire art will show up at your coffee shop and this will boost your business.
  • There is also a new trend of having a play area in coffee shops.  families and parents love to you visit such coffee shops that can also entertain their children. All you have to provide is an area with story books, colour pencils, paper and indoor board games. Northern Europe has many play area coffee shops that parents love to visit.
  • Customers that are more regular could be given special loyalty discounts and vouchers. This is an old but an effective way of increasing your sales and having a Goodwill in market. To Loyal customers, you can give 10th cup of coffee free or you could give them 50% off on sandwiches. Special offers like these will definitely help in attracting more customers.
  • Making your coffee shop more attractive can be done  by doing simple but unique decoration. You can place a brick wall in the cafe or you can also make your plastered wall a board for your customers.
  • You can also place pets in your cafe. Customers can be attracted if you give them space near to a sleepy furry cat or you can also set up an aquarium.