Seaside Coffee Roasters General Different Types of Filipino Food You May Have Never Tried Before

Different Types of Filipino Food You May Have Never Tried Before

Different Types of Filipino Food You May Have Never Tried Before

If you’ve been to the Philippines before but haven’t tasted any of the local dishes, you may miss out on some of the best meals. The variety of local cuisine is as diverse as the country’s people. From delicious seafood to meaty rice dishes, the Philippines has it all. Try these meals, and you’ll be amazed by the wide range of flavors available. You can order these meals from Filipino food delivery in Dubai and may enjoy your vacations. 


For starters, try Filipino Spaghetti. Also known as Sweet Spaghetti, it’s a popular dish in the country and is made with pork or seafood, tomato sauce, and your choice of herbs. It’s served with sweet banana ketchup and is often eaten as a main dish in a Filipino fast-food restaurant. If you’re looking for a unique and delicious dish, try relining bangus, filled with crab meat and fried in the pan.


Filipinos love seafood, and a lot of them live off of it. In addition to eating plenty of seafood, Filipinos also eat a lot of meat. They often eat Lechonmanok, a type of indigenous ceviche prepared by picking a chicken breast and bringing it in calamansi. In the same way, oxtail is a big part of Filipino cooking. It’s the base of a beef and peanut stew called kare-kare.


Nilaga is a hearty soup that is traditionally served with rice. It is made with oxtail, tripe, and hefty vegetables. The dish is soaked in a peanut sauce and topped with a dipping sauce, making it a perfect combination of flavor and health. You’ll have to spend a day or two to appreciate these different types of Filipino food fully.


This soup is unique to the country. It is the national dish and can be found in many parts. The soup is typically made from pork bones. It is made with coconut oil and is highly seasoned, among other ingredients. It is served with rice and patis. Several types of Filipino food are available. These dishes will leave you wanting more. These are some amazing food you have never tasted before.